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About us

Bartsch Steuerberatungs GmbH is a boutique tax consultancy for companies and entrepreneurs in the real estate industry and medium-sized businesses.

We have offices in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt and Baden-Baden and a cooperation office in Zurich. In addition, we have an international network to globally leading accounting firms and law firms.

Our national and international clients include real estate investors, asset managers, funds, insurance companies and family offices as well as innovative German medium-sized companies.

As a deliberately specialized and solution-oriented tax consultancy firm, we pragmatically support our clients with the best possible use of competence, experience and commitment.

In litigation and disputes, we always pursue the goal of resolving problems rather than confrontation. In doing so, we mobilize all our forces and direct our full concentration on your mandate until we have achieved the best possible solution for you.

The ever-changing market and the constantly changing laws, regulations and case law require a high level of knowledge of the market. We meet this requirement through our specialization and the accompanying extensive experience of our staff.

Trust is the beginning of everything. We have earned and earned this trust in the past with all our clients through constant dedication.

We are happy to earn your trust as well and welcome you to a personal meeting at any time. We take our time and listen to you!

The quality of our services results from our specialization in the areas of consulting that are important to our clients:

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About us